The morph varieties in carpet pythons and antaresia have been steadily growing over the past decades. Combinations of all these morphs are slowly being made. We are finally starting to see 3 and 4 gene homozygous (visual) snakes.


The basic incomplete dominant morphs include:

  • Caramel/hypo

  • Zebra

  • Jaguar


Recessive morphs include:

  • Albino

  • Axanthic

  • Granite

  • Genetic stripe (Bredli)

  • Stonewash (Bredli)

  • Silver pepper


Several polygenic lines exist such as

  • Hypo bredli

  • Tiger/striped

  • Ivory jungle

  • Ocelot

  • Striped bredli/jungle/inland/coastal


Other new morphs are currently being proven out both overseas and here in Australia including Recessive Hypo, Anery and Melanistic Darwin.