Please contact me if you would like to purchase any animals. I usually have a list of animals available and rarely have time to update this page. Please contact me and i can send the list to you. 


Any animals that have entered the KHP collection for breeding purposes or pets over the past decade have been sunshinevirus tested and quarantined for a period of at least 12 months. More recently the need to test for Nido Virus has also been necessary. This is the only way we can be certain to keep our collection clean from these lethal viruses. 


I use and recommend Robert Johnson and his team from South Penrith Veterinary Clinic for all aspect of animal care and virus testing. 


Carpet Pythons

Caramel, Zebra, Jaguar, Albino, Axanthic, Granite, Silver Pepper, Bredli



Childrens, Stimsons, Spotteds



Black headed python and more